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Closure Update

As we enter our second week of quarantine, there have been many changes both on a nation and local level. Governer Brown has mandated all non-essential businesses remain closed until at least April 17th in order to encourage the public to practice social distancing and help change the trajectory of this pandemic. So with our clients' best interest at heart, we have updated our closure to extend to May 1st and will reevaluate that date towards the end of April.

However, the reality is without public's full cooperation, we don't know how long these closures will last. China is only now beginning to recover and allow the public back to work, 5 months after the break out. Will our timeline look the same? It really depends on us and how seriously we take these reccomendation. We urge everyone to please stay home and help lessen the curve. Without these drastic measures, not only will small businesses like ours suffer (and possibly not make it through), but most importantly, more people will suffer and die. Please, please, please take this seriously. We are all in this together, let's help eachother out of it.

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If you would like to support our small business and its employees, please consider purchasing Gift Cards or simply dontaing to our GoFundMe page where the first $15k will go directly to the staff.

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